Throughout our state’s
history, 130 Peace Officers
have sacrificed their lives and
countless others have been
injured in the line of duty.

These guardians sacrificed their lives for our great state and in doing so left behind spouses and children who now have to cope with this tragedy and the financial burden sudden loss brings. That’s where The Montana Guardian Fund steps in.

Founders & Stewards

Custer County Sheriff Department
Ravalli County Sheriff Department
James Coté

When a Peace Officer is killed,
it’s not an agency that loses an officer,
it’s an entire State.

The Montana Spirit is about
taking care of our own.

The Montana Guardian Fund is a nonprofit charity dedicated to providing
financial assistance to families of Montana Peace Officers who lost their lives,
or are victims of serious, traumatic and disabling injury,
in the line of duty and cannot return to work.

Our board is composed of retired officers and private citizens
working collectively to bring Montanans together to help those
who put themselves between us and harm’s way every day.


It’s not about the amount you invest;
it’s about what you invest in.

Sudden loss brings an onslaught of worry: paying the bills, mortgage and car payments,
where will the next meal come from, how are we going to get through this all?

The Montana Guardian Fund aims to remove this burden of debt and expenses from
the surviving family. We know the money doesn’t replace the family’s loved one, but it
alleviates the immediate financial burdens to allow the family to focus on coping with their loss.

So that they’ll never
walk alone.

We are dedicated to
keeping Montana the
leader in compassion for
First Responders.

With your support, The Montana Guardian Fund will
stand in the gap for our guardians
when they and their families need us the most.

When you donate to The Montana Guardian Fund,
97 cents of every dollar will go directly
to Peace Officer families in need.

It’s a big state and someone has to protect us.
As this fund grows through your contributions,
we hope to add all First Responders throughout Montana.


Time can run out.
Financial security doesn’t.

Make a donation online:
Payments are processed through PayPal.


Please mail donations to:
Montana Guardian Fund
P.O. Box 1182 ● Miles City, Montana 59301

Montana Guardian Fund is registered as a 501(c)(3) and donations are tax deductible.

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